Hardware cosmetology as an effective tool against obesity

To lose weight quickly and effortlessly - is it possible? This question is asked by millions of people around the world believe in "miracle" diets, pills and teas for weight loss.

Meanwhile, stable results is guaranteed by the procedures of hardware cosmetology, such as, for example, LPG massage, which can be implemented in combination with other methods of correction, to achieve maximum effect. In a few words, this type of massage is based on the mechanical impact on the problem areas of the body (thighs, buttocks, and so on) special apparatus.

Skin folds alternately engaged by the rollers and intensely warm up. In the treated area activates blood circulation and lymph flow, the body's fat "grind", the appearance of cellulite becomes less visible. LPG massage promotes excretion of toxins and excess fluid, to rejuvenate the skin, improving its turgor. Contraindications to the procedure:

Another effective procedure correction is pressotherapy - a form of lymphatic drainage massage. Outwardly, it looks like this: person is put on a special suit in the cavity which is pumped the air. The pressure exerted on the tissues, helps reduce cellulite, swelling, improve the condition of varicose veins and skin.

To obtain a pronounced effect need to take a course of 10-15 treatments. This method is shown to those who for health reasons cannot use electrical stimulation and ultrasound for weight loss. There are also some contraindications:

A few words about myostimulation, which is also called the charge for the lazy. The procedure is based on the effect of pulsed current on different muscle groups, resulting in their reduction is about the same as in the real physical exertion. Contraindications to the procedure:

Good effect have wraps - wrap various parts of the body film, prior to applying cosmetics. Practice honey, chocolate, seaweed and other wraps that create something like a "sauna effect" and promote faster fat burning.

The above procedures may be performed separately or in combination, but in the second case, the benefit will be much greater.

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