Hard water is one of the causes of eczema in toddlers

Eczema often happens in young children and for the parents crying and itchy, the child becomes a real disaster. There is another problem: by far not even the doctors know how to beat this disease. Eczema occurs as a reaction to the allergen and is not associated with bacterial infection. Scientists believe that in some cases, rash may be associated with hard water. That is why the child is better to washed in the water balanced.

Scientists have tried to understand the nature of eczema. To do this, they gathered information about 1300 children at the age of three months. The researchers studied the relationship between the concentration of chlorine in water, fluoride, water hardness, barrier properties of the skin and eczema. It turned out that much more eczema suffering babies to be bathed in hard water.

According to the study, the risk of illness when staying in an area with hard water was increased 87%. Note that the concentration of chlorine and fluorine on the probability of the disease no influence was exerted.

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