Happy people make the messages from relatives and friends

When a person receives a message from a friend or family member each time recorded a surge of joy and euphoria of positive emotions. This effect was shown in an experiment conducted by psychologists. Scientists also recommend to send someone from relatives or friends messages on mobile phones to uplift their mood, writes The Telegraph Agency.

Psychologists from the University of California is an unequivocal conclusion: "Mobile SMS appear positively on the mental (psychological) state of man". So, people suffering from depression when it receives from someone message feels about it someone cares and is concerned about him.

Professor Adrian Aguilera has developed a special program, in which about 2 thousand people received SMS. In mobile communications, which assumed the answer was contained questions about their psychological and emotional state. So to break some sort of consultation with the psychologist.

As it turned out that the most active this program benefited African-Americans and Hispanics. However, they were not able to afford a tablet computer, as well as new-fangled smartphone, because they relied only on the ordinary phone.

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Analysis of the information received, on the basis of the received phone SMS responses showed that people simply require regular contact or meeting with a psychologist. And even ordinary SMS showed a positive result. Moreover, when due to technical difficulties the program for some time ceased to function - participants were observed almost immediate deterioration in psychological status.

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