Happy marriage contributes to weight gain

According to American researchers from southern Methodist University in Dallas, the couple, who are fully satisfied with their marital status, in the first years after the wedding add extra weight.

Scientists were able to establish that the couple, whose family was all good, had gained weight, while dissatisfied with their marriage the couple have also gained weight, but to such an extent in order to remain in good shape. In this case, it turns out that a happy marriage or the marriage contribute to weight gain, thereby affecting health. As it turned out, successful marriages reduce the personal motivation of the couple. Because they are good in the family, they don't have to attract the attention of the opposite sex and take care of yourself.

The main idea of scientists who support marriage is that spouses often take prescribed medication at a set time, as well as our annual visit to the doctor for preventive examinations. As a result, health is improved, and thereby, the couple live longer. Doctors reiterated that marriage has a positive effect on the emotional and physical state, but at the same time, they recommend not to forget about those consequences, which carries with it the weight gain.

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