Happiness level drops sharply after the birth of their first child

Experts from the max Planck Institute and the University of Western Ontario analyzed the data about 20000 people. Each of the subjects estimated daily happiness level on a scale. It turned out after birth of first child people no longer feel so happy. The indicator has decreased on average by 1.4 points.

The major decline was noted in the first year after birth. Changed and the degree of satisfaction with their lives. Heaviest child influenced the lives of educated fathers and mothers, The Daily Mail reports. For comparison, after the death of a loved one happiness level is decreased by 2 points.

At the birth of her second child a level of happiness in 58 out of 100 couples fell, if after first child it fell by 3 points or more. The results obtained did not depend on the age of the parents, their place of residence and financial situation.

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