Hangover - the conclusion of binge at home

To help drinker during hangover again begins to drink alcohol again goes into the bout. In this case, urgent action is needed to prevent poisoning of the body of poisons, the occurrence of somatic disorders: stroke, epileptic seizure, heart attack, high blood pressure, "delirium tremens" - tremens, complete exhaustion.

Currently there is an opportunity to invite a psychiatrist at home. He will assist you and explain how to get rid of a hangover at home with the help of medicines and folk remedies. The psychiatrist will put on a drip for edema detoxification and elimination of medical conditions, minimize complications caused by termination of use of alcohol, as well as make up water and electrolyte balance by the introduction of 5-10% glucose, saline, salt solutions (e.g., Tricoli). Perform intravenous injections of vitamins, drugs, containing magnesium and potassium, antihistamines, acute allergies (if any).

Sedative drugs used for relief of mental stimulation. Headache get rid of analgesics. Best water-soluble paracetamol. It restores the water balance in the body, does not irritate the lining of the stomach, such as aspirin, which are inflamed from alcohol and spicy foods. We should not forget that any analgesic and anesthetic cannot be mixed with alcohol, it can lead to severe lesions of the stomach, kidneys and liver.

In the case of alcohol from the body displayed a large amount of liquid, so to replenish the water balance and ease the hangover, you need to drink water without gas (gas provokes gastritis), a lot of green tea, tea, tea with mint and lemon, orange or tangerine juice. Every hour you need to drink a half liter of water for 2-3 days. Coffee and strong tea with alcohol withdrawal syndrome can not drink! From them will become even worse as the fluid will be lost through the kidneys.

Can not do without a balanced meal, bath and sauna. You need to fill the body with proteins and carbohydrates to raise blood sugar levels, blood potassium salts. If there is no appetite, then eat a banana for soothing stomach, apricots, cabbage, potatoes. After drinking the brine will become much easier - he takes off his intoxication. Calories and amino acids add eggs boiled or raw.

After an active sweating in the steam room or sauna leave harmful toxins, therefore replenish the body healing substances of herbal extracts, vegetable juices or fruit. If the bath is contraindicated through problems in the cardiovascular system, fit a douche.

Recommended the use of adsorbents (activated carbon, Politeama) separately from other drugs. Exit hangover will help jog, walk in the Park, exercise, going to the pool, to the sea or the river.

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