Hangover is enhanced when Smoking

The degree of hangover affects directly not only as drunk, and smoked. Scientists believe that if alcohol is combined with tobacco in the body increases the content of acetaldehyde is a substance that causes unpleasant sensations in the hangover.

It's not because of cigarettes, drink more, on the contrary, from alcohol depends on how vymeryaetsya cigarettes. Tobacco and hangover directly connected, but scientists have not yet determined the mechanism of this connection.

For eight weeks under the supervision of physicians brown University (USA) there were 113 people. According to CBS News, the volunteers had to write about the use of cigarettes and alcohol, as well as their consequences.

Hangover, which occurred after the active libations, was in direct proportion to the number of cigarettes. According to study leader Damaris Rohsenow if all drank the same amount, then those who have smoked at this time more symptoms of a hangover were stronger. In tobacco smoke contains acetaldehyde, a chemical which is able to form the tissues of the body by drinking alcohol. With acetaldehyde associated discomfort during a hangover. And from a combination of tobacco and alcohol in the body increases the amount of acetaldehyde. That Smoking and drinking perhaps related, due to the fact that as a result of their simultaneous contact with the blood increases the release of dopamine - a hormone of pleasure.

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