Hangover does not lead to alcoholism - research

American researchers report: the presence or absence of a hangover does not affect a person's susceptibility to alcoholism. Data were established in the course of the experiment involving 386 volunteers.

Most have consented to the study were students from the local American colleges and universities. Young people invited to keep a diary and note the amount of consumed alcoholic beverages within. Volunteer day began with the fact that he wrote the dose of alcohol, which has allowed the day before. Next we had to make a guess, how likely is drinking during the day.

For three weeks the researchers obtained data on two thousand cases of alcohol consumption. Feeling a hangover was registered about 500 times. Research has shown that the presence or absence of a hangover do not affect the addicted particular person to the systematic use of alcohol.

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Experts believe that hangover does not lead to more frequent meetings with alcohol and non-habit forming. Therefore, this factor is not fashionable to consider in the treatment of alcoholism.

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