Handball without injury

For handball sprains ankle is only part of their life. But the situation will change: Christian Company and his colleagues from the University of veterinary medicine in Vienna conducted a detailed analysis of the three most important ligaments in the ankle. The group explored the link movements and deformations", to which they are subjected during a jump. The results of the study could help significantly reduce the risk of injury. Research the Company are published in the latest issue of the journal of Biomechanics".

Handball is one of the top four sports, at least, is pretty risky injury. In particular, the jump is often a sprained ankle, the ligaments connecting the bones of the foot and lower leg. One of the goals of sports science - construction to minimize sports injuries while increasing productivity. With this purpose, many coaches and sports scientists are making increasing use of the latest technologies and techniques such as computer simulation of moving joints.

To understand why the ankles so prone to injury during a jump, a team of scientists investigated the stress and strain, in which the three most important ligaments of the ankle are involved in the jump. The work was performed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of technology. Researchers examined the digitized video handball players in action in combination with anatomically accurate and movable computer model of the human body. Measurements showed that the ligaments were more load, where athletes land than when they jump. Ankle proved to be particularly unstable in a very short period of landing.

The results can be used as a starting point for the development of training methods to help handball reduce the risk of injury. Younger players might get special benefit from improved teaching methods.


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