Halva strengthens the nervous system

Nutritionists recommend to combine useful with pleasant properties, eating healthy, made from natural ingredients Goodies.

Scientists study was conducted, whereby it was found that the paste has amazing properties rejuvenation of the body and improve health. In particular, halva firming effect on the nervous system and improves blood circulation. In that case, if halva made with observance of all prescription conditions, the composition of halva abounds trace elements that are life-giving source of sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, protein, zinc, iron, and various food acids.

Due to its many useful substances nutritionists halva permitted for baby food. Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and nuts of different kinds which serve as raw material for the production of halva, contain large quantities of vitamins a, E and b vitamins C. vitamin a is necessary for normal growth and vision, vitamin E affects the cardiovascular system, and b vitamins improve memory and strengthen the immune system.

Useful halva shall be manufactured from ingredients, which are natural products that do not contain antioxidants, food dyes, aroma substances of artificial origin, and emulsifiers.

When all of the above advantages, this Eastern delicacy has one drawback - it's pretty high-calorie product. Therefore, for therapeutic purposes can eat 50 grams (and no more) of this product per day.

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