Half of medicines from pharmacies completely useless

French scientists Philip Evan and Bernard debré presented the book in which he described not only the important people need medicines, but also those that are just useless and such according to scientists at least half of the entire range. Also, the authors of the book "Guide to 4 000 drug - useful, useless and dangerous" believe that assortment European pharmacies urgently should be withdrawn 56 names of drugs that cause more damage than good. Among such drugs, according to two French professors are cures for cancer, neurological disorders, psychostimulants, funds from osteoporosis, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, Smoking and cardiovascular diseases. Negative feedback had been received on such widely used drugs belara, Avastin, arcoxia, parlodel, coracan, ritalin, indocid and others. The representative of the Ukrainian medicine Viktor Chumak believes that should be taken into account provided by the drug-placebo effect. In his opinion only the structure of the pharmaceutical market can determine the usefulness of the drugs, not the individual Professor.

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