Half an hour of physical activity a day will help get rid of excess weight

Obesity is one of the main problems of the present. According to some reports it affects up to half of the population of developed countries. That is why the issue of weight control is extremely important. People use all new diet and physical activity to achieve the desired result.

Scientists say that long-term heavy load can give a result that is similar to a half-hour workouts. Important the maximum intensity, notes The Telegraph. Research has shown that these exercises help to lose 30% more weight than the time of exercise.

The research confirmed the theory. Was recruited experimental group of 60 people with overweight. One half played sports for half an hour a day, another hour. All were running, riding a bike, worked in the sports hall.

The survey showed that the second group felt worse. The average discarded weight was 30% less than in the first.

Today, a common technique of workouts when most people laid out for 5-15 minutes, doing exercises with high intensity and frequency. It is believed that such training increases oxygenation of the body and has a positive effect on getting rid of excess weight. The training of the heart will reduce the working pressure and will cause the nervous system to normal condition.

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