Half a century later will be able to clone people?

According to Nobel prize winners in medicine John Gardona soon humanity will agree to adopt methods of cloning, but it will be if we are talking about a lost child, or in the case of treatment of serious pathologies, the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

For some, human cloning is a good thing, for others it is something alarming, but it is only clear that cloning is real and it is not out of the realm of fantasy, says Nobel laureate, received the prize for their discoveries in the field of stem cells.

In his interview, sir Gordon touched upon the subject of human cloning, in General, and the reproductive and therapeutic cloning, in particular. According to him, reproductive cloning is fraught with various anomalies that can cause many problems, while therapeutic cloning can provide humanity a great opportunity.

He also added that from an aesthetic point of view, human cloning will be acceptable all over the world, only if it is carried out with maximum accuracy. Human cloning is already available in 50 years. The death of a child may justify their parents ' consent for cloning. In order to create a clone, you will need to have the egg of the mother, as well as epithelial tissue of the child.

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In conclusion, sir John Gurdon said:

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