Hair transplantation can stimulate libido

Those who resort to hair transplants, also demonstrate increased sex drive, more energy and productivity because of the drugs that are prescribed in support of this procedure.Treatment includes a technology called FUE (follicular extraction unit that moves the individual follicles from the back and sides of the head on the front and top. But the procedure itself is only one part of treatment. A drug called Propecia, which contains the active ingredient finasteride treating hair loss in men is usually administered along with the hair transplantation. Male pattern baldness affects about six million British men and doctors write thousands of prescriptions each year, hoping to stop the phenomenon of male hair loss . By the way the medicine is quite effective. Studies show that nine out of ten men taking Propecia had managed to stop baldness, and about 65 percent of the participants experience confirmed the regrowth of new hair.The drug has some side effects, but some patients across said positive effects. They found an increase in libido, muscle growth and performance.Striking evidence of this fact is a football star Wayne Rooney, who underwent the procedure of hair transplant earlier this year. Since its treatment, its effectiveness on the field has increased significantly, so much so that coach Manchester United sir Alex Ferguson called it "the white Pele".

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