Hair removal using shugaring

Sugaring has recently appeared in the list of services that provide its customers beauty salons. However, this method of removing unwanted body hair can without exaggeration be called the oldest on earth.

Sugaring or call this popular procedure, hair removal sugar has a lot of advantages. This method has no equal in terms of price-quality. The technology of this hair removal is so simple that it is easily possible to spend at home.

Hair removal sugar involves coating the area epilation very thick sugar solution, which is sometimes diluted lemon juice. After that, the mass of the top impose the matter. The removal of hairs of the removal of matter.


• naturalness;

• suitable for sensitive skin;

• used for hair removal in all areas (legs, arms, face, armpits, bikini area);

• the effect of exfoliation (with hairs removes top dead layer of skin cells);

• lasting effect (hair is removed together with the bulb);

• does not cause irritation and allergic reactions;

• can effectively remove even very small hairs.


• the cost (about one third higher than classic wax epilation);

• well short of hair, used for shaving;

• ingrown hairs;

• burns (rough handling syrup);

• pain treatments.

Of course, all the disadvantages shugaring impossible to negate. In many ways, the advantages of using this method depend on the means used to remove unwanted vegetation. The use of quality expensive products will allow more effective and less painful to remove from the skin unwanted hair, while using little-known means may lead to a completely unexpected effect.

Sugaring offer their customers many beauty salons, but hair removal sugar can be done at home, using either bought in a beauty shop special composition or cooked syrup.

The procedure of hair removal sugar is fairly simple to perform. It does not cause virtually any complications, if the person does not have individual intolerance to any component, part of the funds shugaring.

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