Hair on a child's back is a sign of nervous system disorders

An interesting case occurred in one of the Chinese hospitals. Parents brought the girl to the doctor, so he removed the hair from the lower part of the back. However, the doctor immediately became suspicious and sent the young patient for a full examination to exclude other pathology systems.

It turned out that the girl was bifurcated spinal cord. In addition, doctors found she had syringomyelia (the tendency to form cavities in the nervous tissue of the spinal cord). The disease is progressing, which in the future may lead to paresis and paralysis.

Doctors performed emergency surgery, which helped to avoid serious consequences from the nervous system. Neurologists sure, it is always necessary to conduct a full examination of the patient. The external manifestations often reveal serious internal disorders.

80% of children with diseases of the spinal cord have defects of the skin on the back. This is usually a characteristic mark.

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