Hair loss

Hair loss is a very unpleasant problem that significantly affects the quality of life. This process develops due to various diseases, endocrine disorders, head injury, stress or taking certain medications. Typically, the re-growth of hair is made after eliminating the causal factors of their loss. Alopecia areata is called a pathological condition that is characterized by the appearance of your lost hair smooth round spots. When this disease is marked normal appearance of the scalp.

Consider main reasons:

1. Old age and aging.

2. Genetic predisposition.

3. Endocrine imbalance (this problem may start after childbirth or during menopause).

4. Damage to the hair structure. Hair loss may result from the use of dyeing, drying, perming.

5. Head injuries and her skin.

6. The presence of bacterial and fungal infections, and autoimmune processes.

7. The intake of certain medications. It is, for example, anticoagulants, antidepressants, drugs for pressure, antiarrhythmic drugs, etc. it is Worth noting that hair loss after administration of these funds is reversible.

Other causes of alopecia:

1. The dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

2. Infectious diseases, surgery.

3. Improper nutrition.

4. The use of improper hair. We are talking about the tight braids and tails.

Baldness can be partial, complete and local. For the partial form of the disease characterized by a shift of the hairline at the nape of the neck. First noted the loss of hair at her temples, and then the process goes to the top. Complete baldness is manifested by thinning hair and loss all over the head. Local baldness is characterized by hair loss only in certain areas.

Sometimes hair begins to fall out after a certain time after birth, surgeries or serious illness. It is recommended to visit your doctor if hair loss is observed pain, inflammation, increased sensitivity of the skin of the head, the appearance of scales, ulcers, etc. should Also pay attention to the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. This may indicate serious problems in the body.

If the cause of hair loss is heredity or aging, the prevention of this process is almost impossible. Provides gentle care for your hair. We are talking about using the balm and comb with rare teeth, and on the rare coloring and the restriction of the use of dryers.

It is strictly forbidden tight contraction of the hair in a ponytail, braid, etc. you can use wigs. If you suspect a connection between hair loss with serious disorders in the body, you must seek medical help.

In the competence of the physician enters the exception of the major causes of loss. He is also responsible for the appointment of the necessary treatment of the disease, which is associated with hair loss. To stimulate hair growth, you can use certain drugs. It is worth noting that such a stimulator, as finasteride, is not used in women. In case of permanent loss of hair you can use hair transplantation or woven into your own hair strands of nylon.

Note that in some cases, alopecia areata does not need treatment and runs itself. If this is not observed, there is a purpose injections of steroid medications in the head or lotions with steroids.

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