Hair loss is normal or disease?

Every person sooner or later faces the same problem as hair loss. Hair loss cannot be called a deviation from the norm, because it is quite a natural process.

Daily after brushing on the comb can be up to 50 hairs is normal for the circumstances. In that case, if the hair seems longer, you should use some tools that will help against hair loss.

The causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss to a great many. This can be both inherited and acquired disease. Today about hair loss, you can forget once and for all, because there are many ways of treatment. The most popular way against hair loss treatment folk remedies.

• Hormonal disruptions,

• Pregnancy,

• Age,

• Stress,

• Medications,

• Climatic conditions,

• Infectious diseases,

• Improper hair care.

Methods of dealing with hair loss

In order to proceed to the treatment of hair, you must eliminate the cause of baldness. Only in this case it is possible to achieve unsurpassed results.

• Vitamin complex

In the fight against hair loss, you can take a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Vitamins can be taken not only to fight, but also for the prevention of baldness.

• Massage

Normalized circulation of the scalp is opposed to hair loss. Scalp massage can do it yourself, but to be effective, it is better to entrust massage professionals.

• Cosmetics

Many of the tools copes with the task of eliminating hair loss. To use cosmetics, you need certain periods.

• Medicines

Pretty slow effect can be achieved from taking drugs.

• Transplantation

This way, as transplantation is used only in certain cases. Transplantation is a hair transplant area with frequent hair growth on the thinned plot. This procedure is very painful, because hair literally implanted in the thinned place.

National alopecia treatment

With baldness can be treated at home, it is necessary to use masks and lotions to scalp, prepared independently. It is best to deal with hair loss, you must use herbs - nettle, cedar, eucalyptus, thyme, calendula, hops, etc.

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