Hair loss in men - causes and methods of eliminating

Beautiful and healthy hair can serve as a great decoration not only for women but also for men. Unfortunately, many men are not elderly are faced with the problem of alopecia. Very often suffer from alopecia young people. Generally, the hair falls on his head, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, in rare cases, pubic hair, armpit and other areas of the skin.

The life of an ordinary human hair lasts on average 4-6 years. In normal day for the man falls to 100 hairs, if the losses are significantly higher, you should not rule out the development in the body of a serious disease.

What are the main causes of hair loss in men? First of all, this:

• genetic predisposition;

• infectious diseases;

• hormonal disorders;

• poor circulation;

• diseases of the scalp;

• stress;

• poor diet;

• environmental factors.

Baldness treatment

When excessive hair loss man, you must consult a doctor, trichologist who will be able to put the correct diagnosis and, if necessary, to prescribe effective treatment. Today, for the treatment of hair loss is widely used mesotherapy. In the scalp to a depth of about 2 - 4 mm impose special tools that allow you to prevent hair loss. If the cause of hair loss hormonal nature, then, in addition to the treatment for stimulating hair growth, is also used hormone therapy.

Before choosing a particular method of treatment of alopecia, it is necessary to pass a comprehensive medical examination to determine the exact cause of this disease. As a rule, to eliminate baldness use of drugs. Surgical intervention, which is hair transplantation is considered the most radical method. In some cases, this method is only effective tool.


To prevent hair loss, it is useful to do a head massage, which you can do on your own or seek help from a specialist. Scalp massage helps to improve circulation. The maximum effect of self-massage you can get if you wrap your head pre-warmed towel.

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It is also important to normalize the power. In the diet you want to add vegetables and fruits, foods rich in vitamins C, E, F, a, B12, B9, B8, B5, B3, B2. For the sake of the hair should give up bad habits.

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