Hair follicles will become the basis for new tools for weight loss

The research team from the University of Melbourne has developed the theory and proposed to synthesize a new tool for weight loss, breakdown fatty tissue. It turns out that the hair follicles are able to produce chemicals causing fat cells to desiccation. These substances can be made to develop the body, or add them to the cream for weight loss.

Scientists say that this cream can be a full replacement for liposuction. Another usage is in the regeneration layer of fat after injury and scarring. The Professor believes that bald people can be a source of new experience in the development of drugs for weight loss. In bald contains the minimum amount of fat and hair follicles themselves have a number of chemicals that contribute to weight loss.

To date, this is the first proof that the derivative of the scalp can regulate the processes of synthesis and breakdown of adipose tissue. If the methodology will be developed, then soon we will get not only a means to lose excess weight, but also a remedy for baldness.

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