Hair falls out? Looking for a reason

The hair of the person is lost every day. In the normal hair loss up to 100 per day. This process goes by quickly, so as to constantly grow new ones. It is quite another thing when slowing the growth of new hair, and loss of old will be accelerated, then this phenomenon indicates problems with which we must fight.

What is the cause of hair loss?

1. Lack of immunity, that is, the weakening of the body or functioning with overvoltage. Such women include pregnancy and lactation. Men - frequent colds and infectious diseases.

It requires a doctor's advice on how to raise the immunity.

2. The deficiency of iron in the body is characterized by anemia, lethargy and General weakness, increased sleepiness.

The output is the adoption of iron-containing vitamins, products (liver, beef, egg yolk, buckwheat, oatmeal).

3. The effects of some medicines, such as birth control, lowering blood pressure, antidepressants, diuretics and even aspirin.

Hair loss will stop after taking the drugs.

4. Disturbances in hormonal background, caused, including diabetes or endocrine abnormalities.

In this case, can not do without a visit to the doctor-endocrinologist.

5. Diseases of the skin of the head of infectious nature, that is, seborrhea and dermatitis.

To find the right treatment can only be a doctor.

6. Insufficiency of blood supply to the hair roots or head of the skin due to exposure to common diseases, degenerative disc disease, vascular-cardiac pathologies). Also to such States leads the abuse of drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.

You should limit the consumption of coffee, exercise, more likely to walk and relax.

7. Seasonal deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.

In the spring it is better to take vitamin complexes, as well as vegetables and fruits.

8. In the previous stressful situations lasting nature.

Must comply with the alternation of work and rest, you can take relaxing baths, herbal teas, keep the sleep mode.

9. Through the influence of various harmful and aggressive environmental factors, i.e. environmental, radiation situation.

In this case it is recommended to do the maintenance of immunity, to avoid stress and chronic diseases.

10. As a result of exposure to high or low temperatures, being on the street without a hat in the heat or cold.

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Dress should adequately for the weather.

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