Hair analysis can tell us about many diseases

Analysis of just one lock of hair will help to identify the person prone to heart disease and blood vessels. This is evidenced by high levels of cortisol, and the level of this hormone, the higher the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Thus, it turns out that hair contains valuable information about the state of health of the person. It should be recalled that cortisol is also called stress hormone, and its level best to check, making the analysis of hair, not blood, as it would seem. The fact that the blood test shows the level of the mentioned hormone at the time of sampling, whereas in the analysis of hair can determine what is happening in the body processes for a long time.

To this opinion of Dutch scientists from the medical center Erasmus in Rotterdam. They were able to establish that if someone has high levels of cortisol over a long period of time, it means that the person is at risk because of the threat of heart disease. Thus, a high level of stress hormone in the body can be made to the list of risk factors for cardiovascular disease along with obesity and hypertension.

In research, scientists analyzed hair from 238 people, whose age was between 65 and 85 years. It turned out if the person in the body's level of stress hormone is above average, then this person is most often observed the increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and diseases of the peripheral arteries.

In addition, experts also found that the hair analysis will help to determine the presence of allergies, and whether his body in the lack of any minerals. Also hair can determine does the man use drugs, because in contrast to blood breakdown products of drugs remain for three months.

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