Gymnastics at the arthrosis of the knee joint (recommendations)

Today the inhabitants of our country increasingly suffer from joint disease, referred to as osteoarthritis. As a rule, the disease causes severe pain. Among the signs of osteoarthritis: crunch, which is accompanied by pain during long walks and at the end of the day. The person becomes more constrained in movement, gets tired quickly. Long walks, runs and climbs the stairs become increasingly complex and, in the end, impossible tasks. If the disease affected one leg, then on the second to bear the increased load. Execution patients exercises therapeutic exercises are permissible only in a sitting or supine position. This will reduce the pressure of body weight on the affected joint.

The complex of exercises for patients who have osteoarthritis of the knee joint, allows you to:

- To improve General physical condition.

- To strengthen the cardiovascular system.

- To improve the structure of the bone tissue.

- To have a beneficial effect on the morale of the patient.

The intensity and number of repetitions of an exercise depends on the pain and severity of osteoarthritis. Anyway, one day need to make several repetitions of the exercises. In the initial stages of training duration should not exceed 10 minutes. The amount of load increase is not worth it, as this may adversely affect the condition of the body. The exercises should be done smoothly to avoid sudden movements. Energy should focus on the leg.

During the exercise program you should try to relax the limb, which will improve blood flow to the damaged joint production of "grease" and receiving the bone of nutrients.

Often when performing exercises in patients with increased pain. So the body indicates excessive load. The daily training routines should be reduced.

Typically, for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee develop complexes consisting of simple exercises that require two-time repetition. Many patients are not able immediately to perform the full range of physical therapy. They recommend to split it into two or more approaches. Gradually the body becomes accustomed to the loads and the people make it the full amount of the exercise.

Correctly selected therapeutic exercise and massage courses will help to mitigate the disease, to increase the mobility of the affected joint and reduce pain.

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