Gym for a beautiful and slim body

The gym allows a person to strengthen your body, make the body healthy and beautiful. This is the reason why many people are concerned with how to train properly to get classes desired result.

At the gym people very often results in the desire to make the body more supple, to lead the internal organs, muscles, blood vessels and skin tone. When the increased blood flow, which provides regular training, and adherence to the fundamentals of nutrition, laxity and weakness will disappear leave footprints behind.

Optimal are training in the gym with a pulse rate of 140 beats. Do you need three hours per week. This is enough time to provide adequate nutrition by the blood of the whole body. Sagging will disappear after a couple of months, the skin condition will improve markedly.

Training on simulators significantly improve overall body tone. Trips to the gym not only strengthen the body but also elevate mood. In a week you need to do at least three hours. It is desirable to divide this period into three classes, but if you fail three times in a week to find time to attend training, the week should the load be divided into two visits.

All people have different physical abilities. Physical training is not always dependent on age. It is difficult, not evaluated in the hall of human ability, to draw up an exercise programme. But there are a few rules that will be effective program for beginners.

Training must start with a warm-up. It is enough 7-8 minute jog on the treadmill with a heart rate of 120 to 150 beats per minute. Only then you can start to practice on weights.

During one workout must involve all muscle groups. In this case, you must complete a minimum of four sets of each exercise. If you are using the simulator for hands or any other trainer, you must do the approaches, which consist of eight or more repetitions. Between sets the body needs to rest for about a minute. In General the training you need to make 20 - 25 approaches.

The rest of the classes can be devoted to the exercise bike or treadmill. 12 - a 45 - minute jog increases the speed of combustion and allows to obtain the effect of weight loss. Regular sessions in the gym will allow you to get a great result!

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