Growth increases in space

The scientists decided to conduct a fascinating study, namely, to find out why during a long stay in space growth astronauts is changing in a big way, i.e. increased by 3 %, which is 3 to 5 centimeters. Their spine grows during their stay in space, and after their return to Earth, the growth of the astronauts return to its normal state as it was before the flight.

This research assistants intend to spend ultrasound: the ISS will have a new machine that will be used by astronauts.

This phenomenon has an explanation, because in zero gravity, the spine loses its curves, muscles relax, the gaps between the vertebrae increases, himself the spine is extended, and with it the growth of the person. Upon returning to earth the force of gravity begins to act, and everything is back to normal state.

"Growing up" in flight provided by specialists, so the astronauts doing special exercises, which "compresses" the spine. For training there is a special costume "Penguin", which removes the extra inches of growth astronauts and keep toned muscles. With the help of shock absorbers that are inside the costume, in weightless space creates a load on the muscles and skeletal apparatus of the astronauts.

This attention to the problem of high growth in space is explained very simply. Astronaut high growth will not be able to fit in the chair capsules, which returns them to the earth. And this is directly related to security, since the lodgement of the chairs individually made for each member of a space crew. Error invalid even a millimeter.

In the manufacture of lodgement his fill occurs in two stages. First make a copy of the upper half of the body: head, neck and chest, and then printed the lower part of the body: the coccyx and lower back.

When this is calculated gaps for extended in space growth. The problem is that sometimes the astronauts "grow" more than necessary.

Deputy Director of the Institute of biomedical problems Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Bogomolov told the "Russian newspaper" story about how one day in a hurry "shooed" the growth of the onboard engineer MKS-30 Anatolia Ivanishin. Before this situation happened with flight engineer Saliana Sharipov.

By the way, the growth of man on earth also varies during the day within 2 centimeters. The biggest increase is observed in humans in the morning, after he just woke up, and during the day, the height of a person decreases as the vertebrae settle.

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