Grow a new hip

Soon to replace metal and ceramic joints will come fully functional biological replacement, bone grown in the body of the carrier.

At the moment the doctrine of the American Academy of orthopaedic surgeons successfully grown the humerus in rabbit using implanted biological "scaffolding". Unfortunately, the clinical application of this method in humans is not yet planned. Before growing new bones will become public, will be held not less than eight to ten years.

New drug stimulates the body's own cells, helping to grow the cartilage and bone cells. The researchers removed in rabbits humerus and made its cultivation through stimulation of the drug. Four months milestones in the rabbit grew up healthy bones without any defects. However, for clinical trials on humans, require a large number of safety tests. The main issue is the stability of the drug, its ability to withstand the wear and tear on a daily basis. Both metal and plastic, over time, wears out, the biological material must show greater durability due to the fact that it adapts to the body.

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