Grill for roasting meat is more dangerous truck

Commercial grills for cooking meat used in fast-food, pollute the environment more than the fumes of cars and smokestacks, say the scientists from the University of California.

We are talking about the kebab ovens for cooking meat, which are widely used in Commerce. Scientists have found that these grills emit into the atmosphere huge amount of harmful solid particles. Much more harmful substances than the exhaust of trucks or factories with Smoking chimneys. Grills are significant uncontrolled source of particulate exceeding more than 2 times the level of harmful emissions from heavy duty diesel trucks," says study author bill Welch. The scientist compares the dangers of smoke furnaces done to the environment, with the emission of solid particles from diesel 18 wheel truck. This wagon, covering 200 km, throwing as much mud as released during frying on the grill single hamburger. To block harmful emissions and to stop the pollution, the owners of fast food restaurants should be installed in fast food quality equipment with the new cleaning system.

It should be noted that ecologists have long encouraged people to abandon the rich absorption of meat. For normal functioning of the body, a person need to eat meat 2-3 times a week. Having listened to the advice of environmentalists, the world community could be saved each year from death 45 thousand people.

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