Green tomatoes can help with muscular dystrophy

Green tomatoes - a truly useful product, reports The Hindu. It turned out that tomatoes contain a large number of cometidine, stimulating the process of muscle growth and increase muscle strength. In addition, tomaten protects muscles from exhaustion and helps with dystrophy.

Muscle atrophy - associated disease. Most often it occurs in cancer, trauma and heart failure. Muscular dystrophy leads to fatigue, decreased quality of life, increased risk of fractures and falls. Substance Tomatin is a great tool in case of muscular atrophy. Tomaten modifies the activity of gene expression. It stops the mechanism of degeneration of muscle fibers.

Substance scientists tested. Studied the effect of cometidine muscles skeletal muscles. During testing, the scientists made this discovery: tomatoes stimulated the growth of muscle fibers in the laboratory. It is obvious that similar processes occur in the human body.

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