Green tea will outwit anti-doping Commission

Researchers from Kingston University have discovered a simple method that can easily be used by professional athletes to display signs of doping from the body. One Cup of green or white tea will easily help them to deceive doping tests.

Testosterone is a hormone that is contained in the body of both men and women, so use it as a doping difficult to detect. Most of these use the analysis of the urine revealed a correlation between testosterone and hormone epitestosterone.

However, in green or white tea contains catechins, which inhibit the enzyme UGT2B17, which triggers the release of testosterone in the urine. Thus, reduced levels of testosterone in the urine. One Cup strong brewed tea blocks the excretion of testosterone, making the analysis of blood doping in athletes almost meaningless. It is believed that some athletes can adjust the level of testosterone in the urine, drinking certain dose of white or green teas.

Previously, Japanese scientists have already said that catechins from green tea due to its ability to reduce testosterone levels in men, reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by almost two times ( assuming that the man is drinking about 5 cups of green tea per day).

The world anti-doping Agency has already interested in opening British scientists, now is likely to be preferred before a competition to identify the level of testosterone will be given to the analysis of blood, not urine.

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