Green tea helps to normalize cholesterol

A study conducted by scientists at Beijing medical College, explains the connection between green tea consumption and lower risk of cardiovascular events. Green tea helps normalize blood cholesterol, and therefore has a positive effect on the number of cardiovascular events.

This effect was associated with chemicals catechins contained in green tea and is a barrier to the absorption of cholesterol by the body, reducing its absorption in the intestine.

Cholesterol is important for prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and in the moment to control cholesterol used drugs such as statins. They show good performance but their long-term use can affect the state of the liver. It is therefore important to find alternative methods of controlling the level of cholesterol, which will help to reduce the dose of statins.

The scientists who conducted the study say that green tea can not replace the effectiveness of statins, but may be included in recommendations for clinical nutrition patients with high risk of cardiovascular morbidity, to enhance the effect and reduce dosages basic therapy.

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