Green tea helps in the process of losing weight

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania advise against dietary supplements based on green tea extract. Many people take these drugs in the hope to lose weight, but few people know that some of the properties of such additives is hepatotoxicity. Instead of tablets, scientists advise to drink natural green tea. Information provided by the publication of The Times of India.

The beneficial properties of green tea lies in its antioxidant properties. Natural polyphenols and catechins protect cells from destruction under the action of radicals and establish the metabolic processes in tissues. Together with the right kind of diet, scientists advise to drink a high quality green tea.

If supplementation with green tea extract inevitable, should be a few weeks before drug therapy is to start drinking green tea. This will reduce the risk of developing liver disease.

The data were confirmed in the experiments with laboratory mice. Animals received large doses of epigallocatechin-3-gallate, belonging to the group of polyphenols. Scientists have tried to adjust the dose, similar to that accept people with BAD. A number of untrained individuals emerged liver disease. In the group of mice using to receive connections green tea, such changes were not found.

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Scientists and nutritionists don't make big bets on the effectiveness of the SUPPLEMENTS. First of all, they argue, the number of dropped pounds depends on diet and lifestyle.

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