Green tea has a positive effect on the mental abilities of men

Scientists claim that L-tetany, which is contained in large quantities in green tea, has a beneficial effect on mental abilities in men.

In the study by researchers from the Netherlands took part 44 is fully healthy men. The researchers conducted an analysis of the impact of L-titanine and caffeine in small doses, similar to the content of these substances in tea or coffee. Scientists have noted increased efficiency of mental work of men, which for 20-60 minutes before the test drink a Cup of green tea.

It is worth noting that people often consume green tea, have a high level of care and efficiency. And the combination of caffeine and L-titanine allows you to better focus on performing a specific task.

Studies conducted earlier, saying that the beneficial properties of green tea are extended to women. It turned out that strong brewed green tea with honey and lemon can increase breast size, so the effect on the activity of the mammary glands.

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