Green tea can destroy cancer cells in the child's body

Green tea extract has long been used in medicine as an excellent antioxidant. But, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, he has another property: the extract is able to destroy cancer cells in the child's body. And in some cases it works even more effectively painful and expensive chemotherapy.

The research involved an Australian doctor, a representative of the Children's cancer Institute Orazio Vittorio. He proved that catechin contained in green tea, is able to destroy half for neuroblastoma in just 3-4 days.

The doctor was interested in the community, and he recently received the award for continuing studies of the antioxidant.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer that mainly affects the child's body. The chances of life with this diagnosis minimum. Doesn't help even a complex irradiation. Treatment as such, no, because cancer cells to instantly get used to the medication and does not react. So green tea extract - this is the last chance to win the battle with neuroblastoma.

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In addition, scientists also argue that catechin can destroy harmful cholesterol that accumulates in the body. In case of success, the number of patients with colon cancer will be reduced approximately by half.

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