Gray hair is a sign of excellent health

For centuries the opinion that the gray man shows his premature aging of his body. But recent research in this area has established that this is not the case: grey hair talking about excellent health men.

How to write "Comments", the scientists were able to prove the opposite. Holders of grey hair will live long, not complaining of health.

The results of the study proved the existence of the relationship between hair color and General condition of the body. It is quite expected approval, as all systems of the human body are interrelated and constitute a single whole.

Thus, the synthesis of pheomelanin, which gives red and chestnut brown hair color, as well as the synthesis of eumelanin, which is responsible for the color of black and brown hair are directly related to the aging process.

The synthesis of the first occurs in the presence of one of the most important antioxidant glutathione. The lack of glutathione accelerates the aging process, since the rate of destruction of cells grows into adulthood. For the synthesis of eumelanin in the body, glutathione is not.

The older the man gets, the more intense becomes the oxidative processes in the body, thereby reducing the level of glutathione. Thus, the gray and the presence of high levels of glutathione in the body is correlated with more intense antioxidant processes in individuals Mature and old age.

This gave scientists a reason to believe that gray hair - there is nothing, as a sign of excellent health of its owner and not a rapid ageing, as was previously believed.

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