Grape seed improve the effect of chemotherapy - scientists

Scientists believe that grape seed may increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. This reduces the number of side effects. The whole thing in a large number of antioxidants, writes Nature World News. In addition, the seed contains a lot of tannins and polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect.

Scientists suggest eating the bones together with grapes to reduce the inflammation and damage of the small intestine. It is known that anticancer therapy is fraught with complications. It should be noted that grape seeds have no contraindications and can be used in any case. The extract of the antioxidants and other substances does not slow down the action of chemotherapeutic agents.

His theory scientists have proven in the study concentrate grape seed. In some cases, the level of inflammatory reactions was decreased by 55%, and the tumor is inhibited its development by 26%. Scientists believe that the effect will be similar and other types of cancer. Interestingly, the version of the extract has long been supplied to the pharmaceutical markets of several countries and is popular.

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