Google has created an artificial human skin

The Google engineers started the development of artificial human skin. Movement in this direction is the next step in reducing the incidence of cancer. Researchers from California to create a bracelet that detects single cancer cells that predicts the risk of heart attack and other dangerous diseases.

Now scientists are developing a device that regulates the functioning of the particles participating in the process of collecting and analyzing cells. When the proper combination of luck and success the world can get the first individual diagnostic apparatus for continuous health monitoring.

"Nanoparticles will begin to circulate within your body in search of such cells, and we will be using special equipment to conduct a survey of these particles relative to what they have found," - says the head of the research team Life Sciences Andrew Conrad.

The plans for the scientists to get the nanoparticles to glow in the detection of cancer cells. It is necessary for the further rapid detection of cancer are already at medical examination involving precise diagnostic methods.

"When we were casting and created these hands were specifically selected materials with similar properties to natural human skin, which have a natural endogenous fluorescence and have the same biochemical composition," explains Conrad.

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