Good nutrition reduces the risk of infertility in men

The basic rules of nutrition are able to reduce the risk of infertility in men and prolong its fertile age. The Daily Mail writes that the compilation of a competent diet containing berries, nuts, meat, fish and vegetables reduces the risk of the formation of mutations in the genetic material of the sperm. Only healthy sex cells are able to form a zygote, from which later formed the fetus.

Scientists from the University of California believe that the link between a healthy diet and male fertility is on the surface. This is a proven fact: mutations in DNA accumulate over time, increasing the risk of infertility or birth of a child with fetal pathology.

Doctors recommend Mature men after forty years to consume more foods containing vitamins C, E. Useful as the trace element zinc and folic acid. Vitamin C, for example, has an antioxidant effect, protecting the body's cells, including sperm. Folic acid is essential, as is not synthesized in humans and animals. Products recommended for use after forty years is strawberries, nuts, seeds, broccoli. Useful and fresh seafood. Folic acid is enough in citrus fruits and legumes.

Simon fishel, expert in the field of infertility, emphasizes that these substances protect the internal microstructure of the body from free radicals, which have a detrimental effect. But meat, which contains a substance similar in composition to the estrogen (female sex hormone), has a detrimental effect on the sperm.

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