Good digestion is essential for good health

Good digestion is the key of good health and good shape, so as a stable digestive tract provides normal metabolism. So what foods improve digestion?

Green tea

Green tea speeds up the metabolism in the body and improves digestion. This drink has a huge number of useful properties, cleansing the body. Regular consumption of green tea helps to eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, the drink helps to reduce body weight, as green tea burns fats.

Green tea contains antioxidants that prevent various cardiovascular diseases and the emergence of cancer cells, strengthen nails, hair and teeth. And drinking one Cup of green tea in the morning will give courage and will provide a good mood for the whole day!

Black tea

Black tea, like green, refers to products that improve digestion. It contains caffeine, which is actively and encouraging acts on cells in the brain and the nervous system of a person. Black tea normalizes the functioning of kidneys, prevents the possible impact of harmful substances on the body, burns calories. But it is worth remembering that excessive consumption of strong black tea leads to insomnia, irritability and headaches. So the sense of proportion should be in everything! Another very harmful use of old welding, so it is necessary to drink only freshly brewed tea.

Dairy products

Dairy products contain all the necessary nutrients that are beneficial for the entire body. This is different vitamins, fats and proteins, minerals and carbohydrates, which provide a good metabolism, but also have a positive impact on human health. Mineral salts, which in sufficient quantity to be contained in dairy products, can help to maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Dairy fats have a positive effect on the nervous system, prevent atherosclerosis. Daily consumption of low-fat dairy products such as curd, cheese, milk, sour cream, kefir, not only improves health, but also provides the energy boost. Of dairy products to improve digestion perfect yogurt and kefir. Remember that yogurt should be natural and no harmful additives, such as these yogurts is Bio Max.


Meat is a source of zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, many vitamins and other substances that are beneficial for digestion. Meat products needed for blood, bones, and nervous system.

If you don't eat meat, then the body will not receive the necessary vitamins required for human amino acids. To eat meat products better in boiled form. Fried meat is very injurious to health.

Bon appetite and good digestion!

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