Good deeds overcome social anxiety disorder – scientists

The fear of a society can defeat, doing good deeds. So say scientists from the University of Simon Fraser and the University of British Columbia. Good deeds reduce the level of anxiety and help you relax, writes The Daily Mail, citing a recent survey.

155 students with a fear of society participated in the experiment. Subjects were first asked to engage in good deeds: wash the dishes in visiting friends, donate money to a charity evening to help with the care of a neighbor's lawn. The second part of the volunteers, on the contrary, receive as a gift all sorts of good things. The rest of the people from the experimental group lived in its normal routine.

Volunteers who performed good deeds, had reduced levels of stress. People have said good things helped them to overcome the fear of failure, to establish relationships with others. Experts advise to use this technique to defeat your fear of society, after all, a positive attitude and willingness to help are the main features of the formation of a positive effect on the person.

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