Good cholesterol helps diabetics to reduce the risk of heart attack

A new study conducted by researchers at Washington, showed that increasing the level of high density lipoprotein - the "good" cholesterol significantly reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack in patients with diabetes.

Modern tactics of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, as in patients with ischemic heart disease and in patients with diabetes mellitus, is to reduce the level of cholesterol with the help of long-term statin - lipoproteinemia drugs. As you know, there cholesterol "good" is a high density lipoprotein or "bad" low - density lipoprotein.

Researchers in this study attempted to explore the possibility to reduce the risks by increasing the level of good cholesterol in patients with diabetes. The study involved 30 067 patients with diabetes and coronary heart disease, they were divided into three groups according to the fact of lowering cholesterol. In the first group of patients has increased the level of "good" cholesterol, in the second group of patients level of cholesterol remained unchanged in the third group of patients decreased levels of high density lipoprotein - the "good" cholesterol.

Researchers in the past 8 years estimated number of admissions to hospital with stroke and myocardial infarction. In patients with increased good cholesterol number of hospitalizations decreased by 8 percent, compared with patients with lipid levels without changes. While in the group of patients with reduced "useful" cholesterol hospitalizations was more than 11 percent.

This study suggests that it is important not to strive to reduce total cholesterol, and to regulate relations in the body between useful and harmful cholesterol with drugs and diet.

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A study published in the American journal of Cardiology

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