Gonorrhea may become untreatable disease

There is a real danger that sexually transmitted infections can become incurable because of the growing resistance to antibiotics.

Agency for health protection in the UK recommends that venereal institutions to stop prescribing antibiotics of wide use to treat gonorrhoea, because now they are quite often ineffective.

The tests showed that the reduced susceptibility of disease (cefixime increased from 10, 6 percent in 2009 to 17.4% in 2010. This is an alarming decrease in the efficiency of cefixime made physicians use to treat combinations of other drugs, injections and tablets. However, long-term picture of the behavior of diseases alarming.

Over the past 70 years causing infection gonorrhoea body has adapted to the four types of antibiotics - penicillin, tetracycline, ciprofloxacin and now cefixime.

Laboratory tests show a sharp decrease in the sensitivity of these medicines, they could be used as the main treatment for gonorrhoea. Practice shows that resistance to drugs will only increase, and if the doctors don't come up with new alternative treatments, gonorrhea will become incurable.

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