Gold jewelry can cause depression

Lovers of gold jewelry prone to depression. To such conclusion scientists from Canada as part of its recent research. They found: gold jewelry suppress a person's mood. In some cases and at certain coincidence of factors gold jewelry can even lead to depression.

The metal has a negative impact on the psyche of man, makes him more irritable, anxious and nervous. Scientists are advised not to wear a lot of gold jewelry people with unstable mentality.

There is another interesting conclusion of the experts. Permanent gold contact with the skin slows down the metabolism in the body. While research to the contrary, there is, therefore, believe the scientists word for it.

Attention of scientists to the love of men to gold jewelry. When skin contact and gold highlights hazardous substances that affect the sex glands. Like it or not, will show further research in this area, and while experts advise to part with gold at least for the night, so that the body can heal after interaction with the metal.

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