Gold jewelry can cause a person to depression

For a long time, scientists do not consider gold an ordinary metal, and to this end they analyze and study it. As was established as a result of new research, gold jewelry produce a stimulating effect. The man, whose nervous system is active, the above mentioned effect of the precious metal has a negative impact. According to experts, gold in this case starts the process of excitation in the body. As a result, this leads to the fact that in the nervous system begin various failures, and the level of metabolism in the human body decreases. Such factors can lead to depression.

The obtained data led researchers to suggest that the wearing of jewellery is useful not for everyone. For example, particularly emotional people it is better not to wear gold. In addition, experts recommend not to wear gold jewelry epilepsy patients, as the metal can cause episodes of the disease.

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In this case, the recurrence of the disease is influenced by the Shine and shimmer of gold jewelry. Residents of big cities should also refrain from wearing gold jewelry, as in big cities, the risk of stress or depression is already great and precious metal will only increase this risk. For the above reasons, scientists recommend wearing jewelry made from silver, which they consider to be more favorable metal.

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