Go to the sea, collect the first aid kit!

Summer. The beginning of the holiday season. And here it is the long-awaited vacation - yay! Go to the sea! Tickets purchased, collected things, but... Wait! We forgot about the first aid kit, and without it, of course you can do, but why risk it? So, what to take with me that we might be useful?

In the road we may need, especially if going with children, means for motion sickness, and certainly one of the candies.

The road, climate change is stomach upset, heartburn, allergies. This means that we must take the funds from these problematic disorders, but take only proven thee funds. Such funds are now very much, but we need only proven, those which are suitable to you and your family, in any case it is not necessary to bring something new, do not risk! So, Antidiarrhoeal tools, classic charcoal (you can take with reserve), gastric, hypoallergenic means and an anesthetic.

Even a healthy person with climate change should acclimate, and even with such problems as heart, blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, need to capture portable tonometer their usual tools used in everyday life (based on daily norms of use of these medications), do not forget validol or Valerian.

Means for first aid: from bruises, sprains, wounds. It's all the tubes of ointments or sprays. Again, I recommend only proven tools! Same here, don't forget to put the bandage, adhesive tape (take on any reliable case our domestic - he checked for decades) and of course the patches from corns, and bactericidal.

Now would not forget that we drive to the sea and will sunbathe, swim... and burn in the sun. So in this case it is very important to take creams and lotions for the body from sunburn. Now very popular cream with sun protection factor SPF, make sure the sea take the cream with an SPF of at least 15. This is your protection and the protection of children (they are very susceptible to burns). Of course, it is necessary to take funds from burns (if I got carried away and burned), it is best to take the sprays. If absolutely nothing with them not forget the sour-milk products that will help relieve burns.

Burns from jellyfish (better not to see them) will help us to urgent appeals to doctors to hold antiallergen and sea water.

Sun, sea, sand - hence there may be other problems with the eyes, not be amiss to take eye drops.

In addition, iodine, brilliant green - our helpers, about which it is impossible to forget and they should be in our first aid kit at sea. Of course candy for the throat.

Oh and don't forget personal hygiene!

All our kit sorted as: personal hygiene products and tools of daily use; first aid and all other funds. All our pills, poroshochku, tubes and jars must be in original packaging, no deposits and individual capsules! Collected in a separate bag. Which should be always with you. Remember to collect the chest on the sea is very difficult to stay on recreation, podgotovke in advance at home.

1. Bandage non-sterile 5x5 and 5x10 see

2. Vata - 1 pack, and the best cotton pads - 2 pack

3. Bactericidal adhesive tapes in the range (in the pharmacy you can buy a kit of different sizes)

4. Iodine, brilliant green - 1 bottle or marker.

5. Cream bepanthene" - useful for sunburn, minor cuts, burns jellyfish. Based panthenol - accelerates wound healing. Cannot be applied to treat wounds!

6. Cream "fenistil" - antihistamine cream can be useful for people prone to allergic skin reactions, also relieves itching and swelling of insect stings.

7. Antihistamine tablets - suprastin (1 blister) systemic allergic reactions, bites and stings of bees, etc., If in the company of small children - fenistil syrup.

8. Antipyretics. The sea is acclimatization and frequent resort ARVI, be sure to take a combination of drugs for symptomatic treatment - Theraflu, Fervex, etc., If in the company of small children take Nurofen syrup.

9. Oral septic tanks (hexanal, aricept, etc) - take when in the company of people prone to tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, that is, if often a sore throat.

10. Travel happens to be an unpleasant thing - diarrhea traveler. Climate change, food, deterioration of the quality of the food. The symptoms known as "love to the toilet". In this case, we will help Smectite - take 5 bags. In addition, the Smectite treat heartburn, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

11. Solpadeine - 5 bags. Quickly cope with headache, toothache, etc. pain.

12. Cosmetics for skin care in the sun: sunscreen, after sun body cream, etc. is a separate issue.

Let it be, so just in case, but let these cases during our vacation does not happen! And bring her kit on the sea, home intact!

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