Glow in the dark cats will help to cure AIDS

Genetically modified cats were born to glow in the dark kittens. Fluorescent kittens were resistant to feline version of HIV that causes feline AIDS.

To create glowing kittens scientists from new York used gene rhesus macaques, giving resistance to feline AIDS and the gene that allows jellyfish to emit a green glow in the dark. Both genes were inserted into feline eggs, then they were fertilized and introduced a surrogate mother according to the technique of in vitro fertilization.

A cat had three kittens, two males and one female, they feel perfectly normal, except that glow in the dark.

Thus, the insert block feline AIDS genes was successful. The reason for the experiment on cats is simple - they are the only mammals besides humans and chimps, which can hurt and transfer AIDS.

Although people cannot get feline AIDS, and cats do not get sick HIV, understanding of the virus and blocking its effects may lead to improved treatment and new innovative methods of prevention of the disease. At the moment the human immunodeficiency virus infected 33 million people around the world.

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