Global warming leads to a large number of military conflicts

As a source informs RIA "Novosti", the experts from the United States (Princeton University) argue that the parish 2050 due to global warming the number of military action and civil unrest will increase 1.5 times.

In the course of research work the scientists have combined and compared with earlier studies, which were related to the change in climatic conditions and greater social aggression. It should say that you took the period from 10,000 years BC to the present time.

As it turned out, during the temperature increase in Africa by 0.4°C per year or 3°C in the U.S. during the month number of conflict situations between people increases by 4 percent, in the group case, as much as 14 percent.

Researchers say the increase conflicts are associated primarily with increasing temperature, the climate is changing and in most cases, these changes have a negative impact on the economic situation in the country. And it exposes people to take up arms, to at least some way to provide themselves with food.

In the end, the researchers said that towards the second half of the XXI century with the same global temperature increase of armed conflicts in troubled countries may increase by 50 percent if future generations and it will adapt to high temperatures.

It is also known that earlier scientists spoke about the consequences of rising temperatures. Were made version of what our planet can strew debris from space, and a large area of the United States will be under water.

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