Global warming is one of the reasons for the spread of malaria

American researchers have shown that global warming has a direct impact on the spread of malaria. This disease is diagnosed among a huge number of people worldwide and is associated with high mortality.

It is worth noting that the debate about the impact of warming on the development of malaria have been ongoing for twenty years. However, a recent study of American ecologists confirms the fact that increasing temperature increases the degree of spread of malaria not only in Africa but also in the mountains.

In a large study, the researchers conducted an analysis of areas of Colombia and Ethiopia. The results were such that in regions with rapid warming has increased the number of malaria cases.

Interestingly, the causative agent of malaria (Plasmodium) is transferred solely by the female Anopheles mosquito. Males do not take part in infecting people. The disease causes severe fever. The absence of adequate treatment and special drugs leads to death. In order to avoid disease, antimalarials need to start taking before reaching epidemical region.

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