Global hunger awaits humanity in 40 years

The majority of the population of the planet is waiting famine in the coming century. These results come study by researchers from the University of Minnesota. Modeling demographic situation shows that the Earth's population by the middle of the twenty-first century will be 9.6 billion people, which is 2.6 billion more than there are now. Therefore, scientists are seriously concerned about what to feed humanity in the coming decades.

Thus, to feed so many people, farmers need to significantly increase grain production. However, according to scientists, it is almost impossible.

Experts draw attention to the fact that a significant population growth occurs at the wrong time. First of all it is connected with the process of global warming, for braking which humanity needs in an increasing number of acreage for the production of raw materials for biofuels.

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In addition, the researchers note that to cut down forests for new agricultural plots, as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is constantly growing, exceeding all valid values, and the planet is just suffocating.

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