Glasses with subtitles for the deaf

In Japan tested the glasses, projecting the subtitle of the program or film on the lens. Olympus together with a non-profit organization Media Access centre, which aims to do for hearing-impaired people watching TV and DVD drives are more affordable.

Glasses in appearance resemble normal, but on one of the arms is fixed adjustable protector, which operates synchronously with the film or program.

Points are projected not only speech, but also any sounds that follow the storyline, so the hearing impaired can enjoy a movie along with all.

MASC has long advocated the imposition of subtitles in cinemas, but the filmmakers did not agree to this step, as most of the audience they distract. Subtitles for new glasses will be downloaded from the website or through the iPhone.

For a start, the price points will be quite high, but the developers hope that at high speeds the cost of production points will decrease.

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Straight version only points with Japanese subtitles, but to adapt it to other languages very easy.

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