Glasses or lenses? Make a choice

If you happen to be among the people who are still in their Teens have been diagnosed with myopia, it means that you sooner or later have to face a difficult choice: lenses or glasses? Is it necessary to change one of the greatest inventions of man on a fashion? Whether you want to risk?

Naturally, glasses have its advantages. Modern frames now necessary not only to adjust the view, they already are also a fashion accessory. Successfully chosen points will help complement the image and to display the taste and character of a person. There are people without glasses even imagine quite difficult - so they fit them.

But do not forget about contact lenses, because they also have advantages. Note that the lenses are very convenient to use and you can buy them in online store. First, the lenses would greatly widen the angle of vision without any distortion. Glasses man is forced to look only forward, and this leads to the fact that eye muscle atrophy. And the lenses can experience what it's like to have a complete vision. Why: you can look around freely to lower and raise your eyes, nothing will escape from the field of view, and it is necessary in some situations, such as while driving a car. And if the presence of points is felt all the time, lenses can be easy to forget that you are using the tool, corrective vision. In addition, the lenses can be great to see in any weather, because they will not fog up, if you go into heat after the cold street and not flooded by the rain. In bright Sunny days you'll be able to wear sunglasses, so you do not have to be specially ordered dark glasses with prescription lenses.

In addition, there are special colored lenses, which give the opportunity to change their appearance. And if you can't imagine their life without having to endlessly improve sliding down the frame, then no one can forbid you to wear glasses over lenses, even with ordinary glasses. And you will lose your such a familiar image.

Maybe you are embarrassed or even afraid of something in your eye will always be a foreign body? And you talk about it with their friends or acquaintances who are not year wear lenses. What to do if you have no such people in the environment? Maybe you're just not aware of? Notice contact lenses often can only the person who wears them himself, because for all others, as a rule, this fact remains invisible. Look for colleagues, neighbors or friends, and perhaps you will see the almost-invisible bezel around the iris of the eye. This is it - a contact lens.

No need to take the lens as some obstacles that will block your eyes. Soft contact lenses modern manufacturers make breathable. This means that they provide contact with the tear and constant ventilation of the cornea of the eye. If they are properly worn, and most importantly to find, their presence will be completely invisible. Regarding care and procedures for removing or putting on, then after a while they become as commonplace as, for example, brushing your teeth in the mornings and evenings.

However, if you have decided that glasses of yesteryear and lenses is exactly what you need, remember that before buying you should always consult with your doctor. And only when you make sure there are no contraindications, you will have a great opportunity to open a new perspective on all that surrounds you. And this is just going to the store and buy the right pair of contact lenses.

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